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Insuring a car for one single day is now routine for many UK motorists, in fact it is now possible to get car insurance for anything between one day and four weeks, rather than having to buy it for a full year as in the past. Buying a single day policy is extremely simple; there is one very short application form to fill in which should take no more than 1 minute or so and then if the details match the criteria laid down by the insurance companies (type of car, driver's age and driving record, etc) at least one firm quotation is produced from a panel of insurers. If you find a quote acceptable it only takes another minute or so to buy insurance cover for a day and at this stage you have a choice of either having the cover to commence immediately or at another time and date in the near future. Single day cover is for a full 24 hours, so you can have it commence at any time of day that you wish.

Since you will only have insured a car for one day The Motor Insurers Database (this is the database that carries details of all car insurance policies in the UK) will not be updated because it usually takes a couple of days or so for this to happen so you would be well advised to carry a copy of your insurance certificate with you. This can be downloaded straight after you have paid for your insurance policy and you could print it out on your home printer. Police forces are taking very firm action against uninsured drivers, and this includes confiscating cars on the spot when police officers suspect that the driver is not properly insured so this advice is extremely important.

As with all other motor insurance policies not every driver or car would be acceptable to the insurers for a single day policy but the vast majority of motorists on UK roads should have no problems provided that the vehicle was a fairly standard car first purchased and registered in the UK and the driver had no more than one or two accidents or convictions within the last five years. These criteria vary however so the only way to find out for certain whether or not you are eligible for a single day policy would be to get a quote which will only take you one minute or so.

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